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Book Steve as a motivational, keynote or conference speaker.

Steve Letarte has learned from his experience as a professional NASCAR crew chief that we all possess certain attributes to increase performance, motivate others and work as a team in a competitive environment in both business and sports.  He will help your audience to identify these attributes and discuss how to use them in achieving success in any industry.

Steve’s real life experiences on and off the race track show his audience that we all have the ability to be better performers, while still being an integral part of the team at any organization.  He inspires executives, senior managers, and other professionals to use certain tips and tactics that he has found successful for inspiring others, improving performance, while learning how to manage the stress that is evident in any competitive work environment.  More than 15 years of experience as a crew chief, manager and team member for one of the racing industries’ most successful organizations fuels Steve’s work.

Steve's Keynote Presentation

Steve’s keynote presentations demonstrate his creativity, energy and humor as he takes his audiences through his inspirational story.  Steve began cleaning parts and sweeping the floor at a race team and is now, through hard work and dedication, an expert in his field. 

At the end of the day, effectiveness in today's corporate setting is about coordinating the efforts of people in a highly competitive environment to deliver superior results. People - Competition - Results. These happen to be three critical areas in which Steve Letarte has an extremely high-level of expertise.

You and your audience will gain:

·         Leadership tactics to set and reach goals quickly;

·         Strategies to make a personal difference in performance;

·         Ways to improve communication to strengthen team efforts; and

·         Motivational guidance to build confidence and increase team morale.

Speeches Tailored To Your Goals

Upon booking Steve, he can present his keynote speech or he can tailor his speech to your Company's requests. Steve recently gave a speech at the HxGN Live conference in Las Vegas, Nevada in June on the "Technology Driving Performance at Hendrick Motorsports."